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Access Control Solutions

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Access Control Solutions are paramount for any premises or building, in controlling employees movements as well as monitoring who is and is not on site and/or accessing applications. At Blake Consultants, we focus on delivery Access Control Solutions which delivery the ease-of-use and functionality our customers require.

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Physical Access Control & Barriers

From managing only one entrance door to managing entire companies buildings, factories and office-blocks, our Physical Access Control Solutions  deliver security, reliability and peace of mind to you. ‘Leakage’ is a major problem at depots and factories, making Access Control delivered by Blake Consultants imperative for every customer.

Our Access Control Systems and Solutions are also fully integrated into existing biometric hardware solutions, fingerprint readers and time and attendance systems.

Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstile

Logical Access Control Solution

Want to protect your network from fraud and your applications from unauthorised use? Our Logical Access Control Solutions are used around the world by governments, banks, medical and various other corporations to protect data, networks and sensitive applications.

Please note that all of our access control solutions are available in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa.

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